About Us

Corona Virus has a Significant Spiritual overlay in its spread and Our Product, this Yantra is specially designed for Prevention and Prophylaxis against Corona Virus. All you have to do, is to Download the PDF that contains the Yantra. You can keep it in your mobile phone or any other devices and Its free to download, any number of times You Prefer. The more you download, the more its efficacy.

This Talisman is Being blessed by Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Shakthi Goddesses. It also has electronic versions of Neem Leaves, Tulsi Leaves, Bilwa, Turmeric and Specialised Herbs. 

Vidoc Vaccine protects from all Strains of Corona Virus including the latest variants from UK South Africa and others. Download this Yantra , free of cost. Keep it as an Amulet in your Cell phone, Computers, tablets . The spiritual Vibrations inherent in the Special Yantra will give you protection from the corona virus. In addition, The Spiritual Amulet will also protect those who have already contracted the Covid 19.

Have faith. L:ord Shiva, Lord Danvantri and Divine Goddess Shakthi exisiting within the Downloaded Yantra shall be offering protection. 

You could also take a print out, and keep it inside your car, your house, or any where you prefer.

What is the mechanism of Action? Simply Put, The Divien Vibraions inherent in the Yantra , specially designed to protect against Pox Viruses and all the variants of Corona.