Halakha Shema

Posted On: 29 July, 2020

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Corona virus and Covid 19 are examples of Spiritual wake up calls.Does the Virus differentiate amongst religions caste or creed? The Remedy for Corona is spiritual. Ouy Shield or Yantra offers protection through the prayers which we call Mantra. The divine patters in teh yantra has several ingredients including the Star of David. ALso has herbs such as Neem Tulsi and Bilwa.Its not simply the Yantra ( amulet) that affords Protection. The prayers and vibrations of this site. In short This yantra after being downloded protects through Mantra Yantra and Tantra. ( Prayers, The Form such as Synagogue, temple Mosque or Gurudwara). and the Process of Protection ( tantra) is Left to the Devotees in this web site blessed by Gods and Goddesses of the ONE GOD.


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